About Me

Usui Reiki Master

Hi, I'm Michelle, a certified Usui Reiki Master and a registered member of the International Reiki Organization.

The beauty of Reiki is that it's available to treat almost all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems in a natural and easy way, before they get out of hand.

Reiki belongs to everyone and I've treated people from all walks of life, from a Member of Parliament to yoga teachers and office workers. I've treated those suffering from depression and generalized anxiety to complicated grief and from chronic arthritis to muscle tension. The list is endless, so if you need me, go ahead and get in touch. I'm here to inspire your joy, health, wellness and abundance. Remember,

'as we let our own light shine, we give other permission to do the same', Marianne Williamson.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Volunteer Work

I also spend a few hours each week volunteering physical Reiki at The Creative Living Centre in Prestwich, to help people suffering from mental illnesses. I also donate physical Reiki to Animals In Distress. I really love being able to help some of the most vulnerable people and animals in the world, who really need my support and are better off through my voluntary work.  

Music Maker

In my spare time, I'm usually singing and playing guitar with the ladies in my all female band.


Michelle Vecht


I bring a positive, cheerful and light-hearted approach to the work I do and I'm really looking forward to meeting you and helping you to improve the way you feel.

Wishing you peace, light and wellness. 
Michelle x


Email: info@thatreikithing.com

Tel: 07525 278 396 

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